Stop Working So Hard

Profits are awesome and the art of building a business can be one of the most fulfilling things in the world. But when it takes over your ENTIRE life? Not so much.

We’ve all heard these messages in one form or another. Our culture is OBSESSED with the idea that unless we are busy ALL. THE. TIME. We’re doing it wrong. But is that really the kind of life you want to live? If you’re here, I’m guessing not. Something inside of you knows there's a better way. But is it really possible to be successful without so much struggle?
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Here's what we will cover

More than just a course, this is a toolbox to change the way you do business and life.

  • The 8 Areas of Wellness -- And how to integrate them into your business and life.

  • A simple calendar system -- The same one I use to take off 3 months every year!

  • How to set goals and growth around YOUR lifestyle -- Not the other way around.

  • How to UNLEARN everything you know about work -- Yep, we’re taught so many horrible habits and mindsets. So let’s retrain that brain!

  • The best strategies to break free from our culture's addiction to work! -- While being MORE productive.

  • How to create YOUR Perfectly Average Day -- Why this MUST be a huge part of your business visualization practice.

  • Schedule your entire year and zone your time -- No more squeezing in a vacation or never taking one at all.

  • A week-to-week plan -- Make sure you're on track and not only growing your biz but supporting your health, sanity, team, spirituality, hobbies, and relationships!

What are you going to learn in Calibrate Your Year?

Here is the Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Let's Get Started
  • 2

    Step 1: Remove the Blocks

    • Introduction
    • Core Beliefs
    • Core Values
    • Core Strengths
  • 3

    Step 2: Create the Vision

    • Introduction
    • Perfectly Average Day Exercise
    • Perfectly Average Day Evaluation
    • Bonus: Vision Board
  • 4

    Step 3: Simplify Your Business

    • Introduction
    • Step 1: Audit
    • Step 2: Filter
    • Step 3: Document and Measure
    • Step 4: Implementation
  • 5

    Step 4: Task Creation

    • Recap and Introduction
    • Your Quadrant
    • Quadrant/ Vision Grid Demo
  • 6

    Step 5: Integrate Your Life and Business

    • Introduction
    • 8 Areas of Focus
    • Assessment Demo
  • 7

    Step 6: Reflection and Planning

    • Introduction
    • The Power of Reflection
    • The Impact of Planning
    • Moving Forward
  • 8

    Step 7: Planning the Year

    • Introduction
    • Step 1: Prioritize You
    • Step 2: Prioritize Business
    • Step 3: Respect and Honor
    • Scheduling Your Time Demo
  • 9

    Step 8: Recalibrate and Grow

    • Moving Forward
    • Growth Strategies
    • Next Steps

Meet Your Guide

Kelly Higdon

Kelly Higdon

Your Guide to Calibration

Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m a recovering work-a-holic. Eight years ago, in my first business, stress led me to the ER with a face half paralyzed (oh and I was pregnant). I knew my work and stress-levels weren’t sustainable -- for me OR my growing family. So I had to make a change. I wanted to see just how condensed I could get my schedule and guess what? Once I did, my business didn’t burn down -- it FLOURISHED. Taking time off forced me to hone my processes and FOCUS on what mattered most. Today, I work 20-ish hour weeks, take 3 months off every year (not including weekends), and get to spend as much time with my family as I want! This schedule is NOT for everyone, but it works perfectly for me and creates the balance I need. Simplify your business in a way that serves YOU. Trust me -- your family will thank you, your friends will thank you, your team will thank you, your brain will thank you, your body will thank you, and even your bank account will thank you.

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